Nick Vujicic – Life Without Limits

This man is cool! He has no limbs and has no limits. His name is Nick Vujicic. A 29 years old young Christian, double-major graduated in Finance and Accounting and he is delivering a wonderful message to the world.

I’ve watch his videos on the internet. Lately I just knew that he writes a book. Soon, I get his book and I promise myself to write a review of his book in my blog. I just finished reading the first chapter, but I can’t wait to share this in my blog. This is my short review. I will update this post and share more here. So, here we go!

He told the detail story of how his mom conceived him. Nobody knows that the baby has neither arms nor legs. At first his mom rejected him. Although they are devoted Christians, his parents shocked seeing their new-born baby. They answered their calling to be good parents. They tried to take care of him like ‘normal’ child. They keep on waiting on what God’s purpose with their boy.

As a little boy, he prayed, wishing that one day he could wake up and he has hands and legs. But still, he has no arms and no legs. With his disabilities, he can’t get a miracle, but he becomes the miracle. He also told how he was touched and strengthened by reading the world’s responses for his being. He met a lot of people who hug him and thank him. He becomes a miracle for others who have lost their hope, who think that they are disabled, who think that they are limited. He inspires many people. Now, who doesn’t know Nick Vujicic.

Visit their ministry here.

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