Did Abraham Really Count the Stars?

As we all might know the story, Abraham was the guy, whose wife delivered a baby in her 90 years old.

Long story short, he was the guy in the covenant line or through whom God will work on His grand plan of humanity. Abraham was blessed. One of the covenants God made with him was that he will be blessed with many generations of descendants (Genesis 15, 17:5). However, he was already 100 years old and had no child at all. His wife was also late in age, over the age of menopause perhaps ( assuming that menopause at that time wasn’t as early as now, before the junk foods existed).

Yea so one day, God told him that he will have many descendants. Abraham questioned that to God, “How can it be?” God asked him to go out of the tent where he lived. (Genesis 15:5 — Just like 2 gentlemen conversing over a difficult topic that they take about it outside) Well, God spoke and told him to count the stars. Yes the stars were plenty in the sky. It was the metaphor of how huge the generations after him will be.

However, we read that story with some presumptions. First is that Abraham could count. (Or if that number system was there at that time) Second is that if it was at night time or dark enough, so we can see the stars. If we read the chapter down further, in Genesis 15:12, it said that ‘when the sun was going down ’. What? Does it mean that when God asked Abraham to count the stars it was before it was dark?

What that piece of chronology wants to tell us is that Abraham became the father of faith not because he could number the stars, but it was because he believed that the stars are there even though he can’t see it under the bright sunlight. He has the faith to see the stars beyond the day light.



Inspired from : Unlocking the mystery of the Bible with Jeff Cavins

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