Pregnancy Story – I’m Growing A Baby Inside Me

Prior to the Pentecost 2020, my husband and I were praying the Pentecost novena. On those days, we prayed for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Meanwhile my body had missed my period that week and we decided to buy our first pregnancy test. On 31 May 2020, right on Pentecost day, we knew that we were pregnant.

When we started this pregnancy, we have been working from home for at least 2 months due to the pandemic. Situation was just start to get better in NSW. Restrictions had been lifted. We had just finished the phase one of the pandemic. In between the phases of lockdown, we still managed to have a trip to Jervis bay, 100 KM to the south, carrying the little egg yolk in my womb.

Early pregnancy days were fine. I didn’t feel painful or extremely uncomfortable situations besides feeling nauseous and wanting to sleep at all times. My body hadn’t change much at the first trimester. We saw the baby in the ultrasound only a few times and at 12 weeks it was to early to be identified but as a boy. Not much physical pain that I have to endure in this 29 years old pregnant body besides having the gestational diabetes, which mainly teaches us new understanding of what is healthy diet and which food products are good.

I started to see the midwife regularly yet not so frequent, because this pregnancy is not considered as high risk. Mum and Bub were in perfect conditions. I started taking pregnancy yoga at 20 weeks. My bump started showing and some of my clothes are no longer comfortable to wear.Baby shopping time started when we reached the third trimester. A lot of uncertainty on baby clothes size and also what to buy. Baby expos were our favourite event to go. By the 38th week, we probably got everything ready, such as secondhand yet deep-cleaned pram, cot, change table, new clothes and manchester, and even a portable air conditioner. Some good friends started to hand down their unused stuff and also gifts were coming. Our house were set up for another person coming to live in it.

Baby course were also helpful. Knowledge is power said one of the course providers that we attended. By knowing and understanding what we will go through, it removes fear. As simple as knowing where to drop off or park the car on the day, it removes the panic situation. We learn a ton of things, such as healthy diets and blood glucose control, women’s body especially pelvic and its joints, safe sleeping and routines for baby, also a few practices on furniture assemble.

That’s probably why pregnancy takes 9 months. It’s the time given for parents to prepare their hearts and the new needs. And I believe the learning curve is still going exponentially up, as the Bub will also learn how to live a new world outside Mummy’s tummy.


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