My Skin Care Routine

Living in four seasons country makes it all different. Temperature, humidity and many other factors changes my skin conditions badly. One of the most significant ones is that my face starts to crack because it’s so so dry down here in Australia. It forces me to change my skin care routine to what I had before when I still live in the tropical part of the world.

As many people said, lotion is highly important. Not just lotion, but sunscreen too. The challenging part is that there are numerous brands of skin care out there. Which one should I choose? They said you never know until you tried it because it would have different effect on everyone’s skin. True. However, I didn’t just go and buy every brand, but I read! I learn more about each and every ingredients, from the readable ones until the unidentified ones. Gratefully, there are some good brands that are qualified to my ‘standard’.


What is the most important in choosing skin care products?

The ingredient is important to me. Two products of the same brand might be different. I mean, I might choose the soap from X brand, but I’m not confident to its shampoo. So, I don’t rely on certain brand. Besides that, I definitely will choose the one with less ingredients, the more ingredients and the less readable ones make me hesitant. And you are right, I tried to google one by one the ingredients that I found on a certain product. That what makes my research took so long actually.

I choose to avoid mainly paraben and SLS. Paraben is a substance that is found in the cancer cell. However, there’s no any study found out that it is the cause of cancer. It also believed to disrupt the hormone functions, especially estrogen. SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is also another substance that is linked to cancer and known to be skin irritant. It is found mostly in shampoo. Since my skin is getting more sensitive, I’m quite picky with my shampoo now.


What do I use for hair?

Let’s start from top to bottom. For hair, I choose OGX products which can be easily found in Australia. I also use Shisheido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner. It’s a Japanese brand which can be found easily in Singapore or Malaysia. However, last year I dyed my hair and I have to choose a shampoo for coloured hair. I couldn’t find any good product at that time. So I ended up using head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. It works fine even though they still use SLS.

What do I use for facial?

Next is for face. To choose the facial product, we have to know what is our skin type. If you are oily types, I would suggest to go for the La Roche Posay. They have fantastic cleanser. But for my dry skin, my choice falls to Glow Lab gel cleanser. It has essential oils in the ingredients and of course free from the harmful substances. Another product that I would choose is Swisse olive leaf cleanser. It is light so I use it every time my skin is too dry. I use some product interchangeably depends on my current skin condition.

After researching for sometimes, I finally found the best face moisturiser that suits me. It’s the Avene Hydrance Optimale Aqua Cream In Gel. It has cream texture but when you put it on your face, it’s like a gel. My make up artists recommended this product. It is not only make our face doesn’t look dry but also it moisturises the skin from the inside. Besides that, I also choose Glow Lab face moisturiser as it contains vitamin E. Vitamin C and E are the most important ones for your facial skin. They are have the cleansing effect and are the main nutrients for the skin.


What do I use for my overall dry skin?

Aveeno for body wash will never go wrong. The daily moisturising wash is my favourite. Their daily moisturising lotion is also great product. It’s fragrance free. Yes, I also eliminate the product that has fragrance in it. If I’m using something that doesn’t suit my skin, it’s turned itchy as it easily dried up. Although I am tempted to try other products, I just can’t.

That’s all my choices for my dry skin care. Let me know what’s yours or if you have any questions on the products that I mention.

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