God Wants You To Trust In Him

As what I have written early this year, I would try to find a job and move to Sydney, Australia this year. Today, a day in mid August, I have done so many things, trying to fulfil that short-team life goal.


Finding the visa to work in Australia

I applied to so many vacancies online for any roles that I think I would be able to do in software engineering fields. I went and stayed in Sydney for a month, in order to be able to met any recruiters who are interested, but I met none. Only few phone calls which mostly stopped contacting back to me when they know that I don’t have the working rights in Australia.

My country has the Working Holiday program with Australia. So I signed up. In fact, I was competing with more than 4900 applicants for 1000 seats. And  the earliest time to be called for this visa is July 2018. Sad.

Moreover, I also talked to my current bosses. It’s surprising that they actually support my decisions, despite the fact that I will stop working for them. They have helped me and recommended me to my current companies in Australia region. I had interview with them, but they expected me to have my own work permit.

I also tried another independent way. I consulted with migration agents and am willing to pay for a lot of money to get the Permanent Residency. However, my migration points are not enough. I need 8 in IELTS. I took preparation course, but still I failed in it. I took alternative test: PTE, which people said that is easier than the previous one. I got worse score than my previous IELTS score. Now, I am thinking to go back to IELTS and keep learning and would spend more money on English tests.

Damn, it’s so hard.


What God said

However, I still remember what I heard God was saying when I asked whether He is sure to match me with my current Australian man. He said, “Do not be worried, let Me look after the rest.” Having just come back from the home town of the Divine Mercy with the “Jesus, I trust in You” motto, it’s daunting for not to try to follow His way. Yeah! Let’s trust God! Ha ha ha…

And this journey to learn trusting God has shown a little of hope. Early this year, I was asked to help another team to solve their issues. I worked on it and met new fellow Oracle employees. I still remember that I was impressed by the Australian accent I heard over the phone from the colleague whom I was working with. Haha. Little did I know, he is Australian. Surprisingly, he has an Australian business who could provide sponsorship. (this is the most random part) Good thing is, one of my bosses told him and  asked him to sponsor me. Dang!

So, I have 2 options, keep taking IELTS until I get 8 or wait for the sponsorship. My impatient and self-survivor belief pushed me to take more IELTS. It takes a lot of time to study, I can’t focus on my ministry and on my works because of it. I just take the English test twice, but I decided to pause continuing this way and hoped only in other option that I got. The another option that I have is still something to good to be true. Someone would sponsor me when the 457 Visa is almost abolished. How could they sponsor me? How long would it take? Where will I work if I let them sponsor me? It’s so unclear yet it returns me to the initial conversation with God, “Let Me look after the rest.I hope the rest means the work permit, God.

It’s pretty daunting to let other people work for your future plan. I truly don’t have any control over this. It might seem that I can do nothing prior the real application starts. What makes me calm is only the trust that I keep in God, that He is working on it, through that colleague. I am truly calm now, even more relax when I decided to trust the sponsorship process and I don’t have to drill on IELTS.

Early this year, my boyfriend gave me a book. The title is My Daily Bread. In one of the chapters, I found a very this good paragraph that I believe God is talking to me.

Prove your complete confidence in Me by setting no conditions and making no reservations. Want what I want for you. Prefer My decisions for you in all things. I will send only what is best for you.

Being in the process for unknown timeline, that’s all I can share so far, about my journey to learn to trust God. Let’s see and wait on God.

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